Silens Vir (wolviepris) wrote in roleplayers,
Silens Vir

Roleplaying Away from the Table?

I was thinking about this idea the other day, and I wasn't go to post it until I shadowkate mentioned something similar.

I'm considering suggesting to my group that we expand our current face-to-face campaign that meets once or twice a month into a secondary format, most likely a message board or something online. This would take place between games and be completely optional. The message board would be more fluff than crunch; preferably there would be no battles and virtually no dice rolls. The only numbers I could see being involved would be a social skill or two, purchases, or similar "town stuff". The purpose of it would be to give the players an outlet for roleplaying amongst themselves or doing things without making a field trip out of them because we have a large group (currently eight players) and it seems that 99% of our conversations are directly with the GM. As a result, none of the PCs have any sort of interpersonal relationships, even a simple friendship, and I know at least two players are a little frustrated by it.

Has anybody else tried this? Good idea? Bad idea? Additional thoughts?
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