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Help Planning Angel RPG Episodes, Please

So I recently bought the Angel RPG and while I've never played a Unisystem game before, it seems simple enough.

My problem is figuring out what exactly I should run.  My instinct is to throw a few monsters of the week at PCs while using the first few episodes to keep fleshing out the Adversary and/or Nemesis behind the scenes.  Subplots would hopefully surface organically and eventually, I would want the PCs to discover there's an evil mastermind yanking their strings.

If it helps, my overarching idea right now is that two powerful rival creatures---one a wizard of great power, the other an undead Big Bad with a long-term evil plan---are at first using the PCs as part of a proxy war to thin out each other's minions, but eventually one or the other decides to try recruiting or tricking the PCs into serving him [it?] while the other decides they need to be taken out of the picture.   But the two Episode ideas I have so far both focus on a demon causing trouble and the Cast needing to put the demon down.  One Episode would involve actually fighting the demon physically and the other would require the Cast using cleverness to beat an incorporeal demon.

Does anyone have any experience running Angel or Buffy?   Any tips on what works and what doesn't, especially for players new to Unisystem? 
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