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Developing a Stone Age Setting - Primitive Themes

Following on the wonderful responses to the last post and after throwing around a few initial ideas for my Stone Age setting it occurs to me there are several thematic decisions to make.  I want this to be a Stone age setting, but I also want it to be a fantasy setting so now I have to decide what elements must be present to keep it feeling primal and savage enough to capture the fun and feel of "stone age" while allowing for fantastic elements and enough variety to allow for a fantasy campaign.

Some elements I want to include are the following -

1)  Magic as a force of nature to be harnessed

2)  Fantasy races evolving along side of one another

3)  Evolution in a fantasy world

4)  A world where a Stone Age is ongoing allowing for unique adaptations and developments with Stone age tech.

I also imagine this as a world where there may be some large permanent settlements among the older races (Elves, Dwarves) and even among the humans who have managed to settle in areas with plentiful natural resources.

WhatI am curious about is what others feel are important elements to include and maintain in such a setting to keep it still feeling primal and savage, even with the inclusion of fantasy elments.  I'd appreciate any input or even blatent brainstorming you have to offer.



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