KT (operations) wrote in roleplayers,

Me on why I don't want template stacking in NWoD (aka I hate Sam Haight)

There are pages and pages of reasons to hate Sam Haight, but I'll keep it short in the interest of not using 30MB on my hate.

In short, he is the written representation of almost everything wrong with the bad gamers out there that make the hobby so painful for us on occasion. He is one man, who wanted every 'kwel powerz' he could get, for no other reason than his misanthropic desire for revenge against a society for no other reason than they were not the society he wanted.

He is the 35 year old virgin playing WoW in his parents basement, and dammit if he's not going to have all the 'l33t skillz' he can get! That'll show em.

And then metaplot wise, how did he ever live long enough to accumulate that much stuff? Really? Sure, maybe he escaped the notice of the werewolves long enough to become a skin thief, but we're really going to believe that every group ion the oWoD was that ignorant of this crazy idiot running around playing Pokemon with their abilities? Sorry, not in my WoD. These groups are too reliant on social control of their own groups to keep hidden for that to happen.
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