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A question for you when dealing with Cohorts in D&D 3.5

The group I'm currently playing IN (note I am *NOT* a DM) currently has 3 Cohorts and about a billion lesser followers (thankfully none of the lesser followers actually come along with us. I think only one character outfits his followers...but even then I'm not sure).

When we get equipment, at some point (though no one told me until last night) it was decided that when we get loot, and no one wants say the +1 longsword, if I wanted to take it for my cohort, I'd have to pay the cost of the item. Now this I guess I'm okay on. I wish I had a chance to talk about it, but I guess some players and the DM decided either before I got there or on another day all together.

But here is where something is irking me.

Last night we got a chance to equip up before going to the Abyss. The DM announced that the local magic shop had gotten in a shipment of "Stat boosting items." Myself, the Wizard, the Monk and the Cleric all asked "Well what kinds?"

The DM informed us that there was a Cloak of Charisma +4 (which is super out of my price range right now, though I have the +2 version), a headband of Intellect +2, a periapt of Wisdom +2 and Gloves of Dex +2. I waited, expecting the Rogue to jump all over those gloves. And waited.

Finally I said "If no one wants them, then I guess I'll take the Gloves of Dex for my cohort." No response. "Okay then, DM I'm going to buy the Gloves. Is everyone okay with that?" I got a couple of shrugs. "DM, I'm buying the Gloves of Dex". The DM said okay, no one said anything and I started to redo the Cohort's sheet.

Five minutes later, the Rogue is talking with the Monk about what to buy and the Monk said "Why not a stat booster?" And she whined about there wasn't any she wanted. Then he mentioned the gloves...

So I had to give up the gloves to the Rogue, though I got back my money, but this is the third or fourth time that I've had to give up an item I got for either my character or for the cohort because Rogue wasn't paying attention.

But was this cool? I know that PCs are more important then Cohorts, and my Cohort is a multiclassed Rogue/Fighter Archer. The Rogue has a much higher Dex then my Cohort who could use the stat boost just as much. But it just sits wrong with me that everyone was pressuring me to give it up and when I asked no one said "why don't you let Rogue take them?" Or poke her at all.

So how do you all deal with Cohorts (or similar NPCs who function as part of the party) and Equipment? How about when there is a conflict over an item? Or when someone just isn't paying attention and a Cohort winds up with an item they need?
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