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Sabbat Meets Ocean's Eleven?

My play-group is just finishing my 1925 Strasbourg campaign. It was Camarilla and high-intrigue, with the players struggling to keep their city stable despite internal tumult and the encroachment of the (True) Black Hand. There's all kind of under-the-table heroics, and history, and secrets. It was fun while it lasted, but now I want something different.

Like, 180 degrees different. Namely, a Sabbat caper.

My co-ST and I have pretty much settled on setting the story in Cairo, and we're modeling at least some of the concept on the Ocean's Eleven/Twelve/Thirteen franchise. Not borrowing plot or characters, but borrowing the humor, the dysfunctional interconnectedness/internal loyalty, and the "blow-things-up-and-bring-them-down" element.

More seriously, I've let my players get invested in the Camarilla hierarchy. Before I run the sequel game that they've requested, I want them to get a new perspective on the sects. Camarilla from without, Sabbat from within. I don't intend to neuter the Sabbat: they're monsters. But one of the beauties of the OWoD duality has always been that monstrosity is not necessarily a bad thing, and that there are virtues particular to the Sabbat that the Camarilla can never hope to evince. Internal loyalty. Conviction. Honesty.

I'm also open to the idea of incorporating potpourri in NPC roles, perhaps as contacts or go-to-men. Especially as I am going to throw the books wide open in terms of player clans. If a player brings me a (well-conceived) Baali/Kiyasid/Giovanni/Salubri, he's welcome to it.

So now, my questions:

1) What about the above is stupid, but I am just totally too enthusiastic to see it?

2) What kind of cool stuff, if any, does this get you thinking about? This can be plotwerks, this can be neat traps, this can be cool NPCs, whatever.

3) What resources would you recommend, WW or not? (Especially to help with the "caper" facet of this?)

4) Thoughts on game format? We've always run through AIM, but maybe this is a game that will run better on a board, or in an LJ community?

5) More mechanically: should we try to start the players as a working War Coterie, or let them begin as free-agents and let them establish nets of contacts and things, get a lay of the land, then open the game with the first session and the call to work together as a coterie.

6) Finally, co-GM and I are leaning toward a time limit. IE: the players will have X many sessions to bring the city down. Fun idea, terrible idea? Thoughts?

I will definitely be crediting people for ideas, and I'd really love any insight anybody's got.


(Apologies for cross-posting)
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