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An old experience renewed...

I had started playing Pen and Paper RPGs right around the time that DnD 3ed. came out... A friend of mine who had been playing since before was talking about it and I was intrigued. He then offered to run a 2 man campaign (there was another person interested in playing) for us. Character creation at the time was painstakingly long but fun. I spent quite a bit of time coming up with a personality and features for the character (a Half-orc fighter, which at the time was the easiest to play). This character was made absolutely unadultrated by the min-max, optimised bull-crap that  most of my fellow players attempt now a days. We started our session with the character being introduced to each other and then we ran around adventuring (like you do). There was a story that we were following but heck if I remember what it was. The one thing that I do remember was that this GM kept us on our toes at ALL times... every session that we had (we played every week for a good six months, sometimes twice a week) I came away with taking massive damage and every combat I had to think at least three or four turns ahead to be sure what I was going to do to survive and sometimes I survived just because it was my first time playing! Although my character had a brush with death almost every session, I had loads of fun! The game was balanced, the GM was very open to ideas, and the rest that I associate with a good game...

And that was pretty much it... ever since then most games that I have been in either the GMs willfully declared that they were out to get the PCs and just tried to kill us with random encounters... up the CR to make sure that we did indeed die (I didn't stick around too long in these games) or where the GMs were just taking us along for a ride as stuff happened... or the worst (at least I think so) throwing things at us that just couldn't do much to us... where the game, for me, became immensly boring... 

Just recently... I just got into a game where... for the second time EVER I had a character death and the second character has already seen death's door (-9 hp)... After the session (where I reached -9 hp) the GM came up to me and told me that he was sorry that the first session that my new character was in it came so close to dying, and then was shocked when I told him that this was the most  fun I had in some time playing this game! I guess he was expecting a different response... 

Maybe my first time experience has a lot to do with what I want in a game then... to think I was thinking about dropping out of this campaign because there were too many people in it. Screw it I say, someone else can drop out instead of me!

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