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Sociological Survey on Gaming...

Dear folk,

I'm a college student in Minneapolis doing sociological research on role playing. (I figure it's good to study things you are involved in already...)

The survey below the cut is specifically addressing Live Action games and their unique quirks with regards to organization and the "norms" response to seeing nice folk wandering around in costume.

If you don't want to leave the response as an open comment, feel free to send me an email instead. Thanks so much!

This survey is part of a sociological research project. If requested, anonymity will be provided (please provide an alias). Please note that this is primarily geared towards Vampire: The Masquerade, but if you have relevant answers in other settings (such as Garou), just let me know what game you're talking about. Feel free to use additional space as necessary. If you wish a copy of the completed research, please provide an email address.

Please send responses to Thanks for your participation!

* * * * * * *

Sexual Orientation:
Martial/Relationship Status:

* How long have you been involved in gaming? In LARP? In Vampire: the Masquerade LARP?

* How did you get involved in LARP?

* Have you ever discussed your involvement with non-LARPers? With non-gamers?

* Do any important people (parents/family, friends, etc.) not know about your involvement in LARP? Why not?

* Have any people you’ve told responded with confusion or negative remarks? Please describe:

* How have you handled any negative or confused reactions?

* Have you ever (deliberately or unintentionally) encountered an uncomfortable or stigmatizing situation because of LARP? How have you explained your actions?

* How would you categorize LARP participants? Are there “levels” or classifications of gamers? If so, what are those levels, and how does one become of member of those sub-groups?

* What are the expectations of a LARP gamer? Of a storyteller?

* What happens to a gamer that doesn’t meet those expectations?

* How committed are you to LARP? What is the most extreme thing you’ve done to participate?

* How much money would you estimate you have spent on LARP (costumes, travel, props, fees, etc)?

For Storytellers:

* How did you decide to become a storyteller of a LARP? Which game? How long have you been/were you a storyteller?

* What are the expectations of leadership for a storyteller?

* How does being an ST affect your commitment to LARP?

* Are you willing to participate in a more in-depth interview regarding your LARP experience? (Please provide dates/times available)

* Anything else you wish to add, please feel free to do so!

Happy gaming!


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