Manu (momerat) wrote in roleplayers,

Yet another....

So this isn't really a issue... this is more so a request for advice to avoid a issue that could possibly occur in my gaming group.

So... We have a player in our group that, now has taken to only playing games that his Significant Other is in (at least that's what the pattern suggests)... and on top of that he has failed to inform the DMs or the players that he will not be making it to the game in which his SO is not in, nor has he made an effort to inform us that he will be dropping out,  which is starting to piss the other players... as a few times now we have assembled only to realise that there can be no game because he didn't show up and he made no effort to call any of us to inform us of this... 
That being said, I am fairly certain that this will impact the game play in the other game...

Has anyone else here encountered a similar situation that may be able dispense some advice on how to handle this?

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