Paka (paka) wrote in roleplayers,

So I've been toying with the idea of an Iron Kingdoms game set in Khador.

My current idea starts the characters out as volunteer/conscript troops rushed into a brutal city fight vaguely based on Stalingrad; with a little luck and skill, they should be able to return home as decorated heros, and that's when I'd get into the more mystery/problem solving chunk of the campaign. My goal isn't to have a whole campaign of steampunked-up Stalingrad so much as to get the characters experience, prestige, and a feel for how Khador isn't the usual quasi-Renaissance-Western-European setting.

Although I'm finding it easy to come up with battlefield challenges for a small fire team of PCs, I'm a little intimidated by the idea of having a solid chunk of game as a wartime scenario.

Has anyone here ever run anything like that? If so, would you have any advice for how to keep the players interested and motivated to move things along themselves (beyond "we sit here and wait for orders")?
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