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Strangest Sunday Game Idea...

First off... thanks to all who commented with feedback on some of the systems I had been looking for an opinion on last time...

When we met yesterday, since two of our players couldn't make it for some inexplicable reason we (the four of us there) decided to have a discussion on what to play next. We (exculding the DM) were pretty much all set on having him run "Necessary Evil" Campaign (I got my hands on the book and it looks fun and easy) when he mentioned that he wanted to do something of the planescape sort... except with d20 modern... We talked about it a bit more and found out that he wanted to do something like "Sliders" (Some show where the main characters jumped from dimension to dimension using a remote control)... and we ended up going with that... except... we also start with 4 different characters (2 from the modern setting and 2 from the DnD setting) and pretty much every time we planeshift there is a chance (1d4) to switch into a different character with a shared memories but different personality thing going on. Exciting and kooky idea... we start next week... It'll be interesting to see how we fare in this endavour  

Still I am excited.

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