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Introducing Futuristic stuff in normal DnD

So in the sunday game that I run I have decided to introduce some futuristic weaponry. I have talked to my players and all of them save one liked the idea...
Basically what happened was: Players home plane (Planet) got attacked by a bunch of zombie type creatures that had never been seen before (they basically faster and a lot stronger than normal zombies of their type and they tended to be infectous) Players got a healthy dose of fighting with these along with the rest of the adventurers present in the city at the time... City nearly wiped out (most commoners dead or dying or coming back as dead things). Players identify source to be an off world entity and travel there with the remaining forces of the city to take care of it.

Weapons that I introduced:
Heavy crossbow type that does 2d8 damage
added effect of rapid shot as a standard action.

Light crossbow type does 2d6 damage
Added effect: charge for one round to do double damage and take 1d6 damage to self.

Ranged weapon that fires 6 shots per round. Each does 1d4 damage (delayed, triggers at the begining of your next turn).
other effect (Over rides the damage from single projectile) if shot at one target:damage, 4 shots hit: 4d4 damage, area of effect 5ft radius, 5+ shots hit: 5d6 damage 5ft radius area of effect.

Grenade: 4d6 damage area of effect  5tf radius area of effect (triggers after 1 turn).
added effect if targeted at person, it sticks.

anything else that you folks think could be added to this list...???



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