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a shadowrun update

I have in the past posted questions on Shadowrun 4th edition, polling for advice and suggestions for a new player, and I am grateful to those that supplied such. There was some interest in hearing about my experiences, and I believe I posted my first session reactions some time ago, in which I lamented the complete ignorance of "collaborative character generation" sustained by some of the players.

So i thought it appropriate to continue this, for those one or two people who might be interested.

yeah it's pretty much a disaster and I'm probably going to quit the game. I had a terrible time last session due to a number of related and unrelated circumstances, but the thing that really got me was the in-game consequences of us out of game players not thinking to take certain precautions.

Effectively, "You didn't do X, so..."

Well I didn't know we SHOULD do X. There are things my character knows, as a result of skill focus, that I as a newbie player don't know. It might be argued that it's my responsibility as the player to learn those things, and I wouldn't disagree. But as I said, there were a number of factors contributing to my lack of enjoyment that do not need to be expounded upon here.

Another thing that's got me feeling the pinch is the fact that after only our second run, we have death marks from the most powerful yakuza clan in the city, not to mention being wanted for questioning in several murders. Nevermind we were attacked.

So I guess this party is meant to die, as we are failing spectacularly in avoiding notice.

Anyway. The system seems pretty cool, and had I been given the opportunity to play either of the character concepts I came up with originally, I might be having a better time. I might give SR4 another go at some other point, but I don't know any local GMs who are running it.

And that's the way the dice land.
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