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D&D show and tell

After weeks and weeks of difficulty getting a gaming group together, we were finally able to kick start a 3.5 D&D game.

My character is Sword, a bard whose art is the flashy display of bladed weapons (twirling bladed weapons, juggling knives, fancy flips and acrobatics involving bladed weapons, etc). He works as a street performer in the town of Rawkin, making a modest living from his routine performance, and from the annual fairs, carnivals, and festivals. He's young, brave, and foolhardy, and while really a "good guy" at heart, he likes to act like he's a bad mofo, only in it for himself. Sword dual-wields a pair of short Khopesh.

The Rest of the Party consists of a mysterious rogue Draven, who "doesn't steal from his own people," likes to fight with knives. A monk, who apparently likes to drink a lot, doesn't talk much, and pretty much only wants to fight stuff. A cleric of a neutral war-deity, who likes to emphasize his affinity for GLORIOUS BATTLE. Some time later, they will be joined by a druid (his player couldn't make it). We also have two NPCs: Faelron and Ru, a wizard (Of apparently some achievement) and his apprentice.

The Adventure Hook begins as our characters are chosen for a traditional "carrying of the sword" event that occurs every so many years. Once upon a time, Rawkin was at war with a nearby city-state Shaolin. But now they're at peace, and as a token of the peace between the towns, a ceremonial sword is exchanged every so often. (So you know, people from Rawkin take it to Shaolin, then they keep it there for a time, then some people from Shaolin bring it back, and so on.) There's a great festival to send us off (As an aside, during the festival, Sword was able to use his natural charm and clout for being chosen for this to score with the miller's daughter and the baker's daughter. What a pimp), and we travel out to Shaolin. The only catch is, of course, we have to travel through the VALLEY OF LOST SOULS duun dunnn dunnnnn, where supposedly a great battle was fought and now the place is desecrated and crawling with undeadies.

Some good moments:

I won't bore with you every inch of detail about the session, but we fought some lizard men, some skeletons, blah blah blah. During a battle with some skeletons, a skeleton came up out of the ground and attacked Sword, who responded by kicking its skull off. The skull continued to chatter its jaw and bounce around. Sword picked it up and used it as a thrown weapon against the main baddie of that fight (some weird grim reaper monster that was casting spells - rolled a 20!). Later Sword attached the same skull to a javelin and began to wield a chattering skull-on-a-stick.

Also, when we were discussing our next course of action - do we continue on our journey or do we seek out this band of lizardmen that have apparently been attacking travelers? - Draven asked our battle warmongering priest: "What do you think is more important, the lizard men or ensuring peace between our two cities?" And the priest: "You're asking me?" I guess it's not as funny when you're reading it. It's one of those you-had-to-be-there D&D moments.

Another great moment was when our battle priest was with a MIGHTY THIRST, so he drank from a puddle of green, nasty, corrosive shit. This made him very sick, even near death, but fortunately, Faelron, the wizard was able to do a little thing, you know, nothing major, just SUMMONED A GIANT DEMON FROM THE ABYSS, who made a pact with the battle priest:
Demon: "I can neutralize the poison, but you must pay me in blood."
Priest: "Sure, the blood of those I kill I will dedicate to you. How many must I kill?"
Demon: "If you enter into this pact, you will kill for all eternity."
Priest: "So you will neutralize the poison and I get to fight for all eternity?"
Demon: "Yes."
Priest: "AWESOME."

Our high level wizard who summoned Demons turned out to be a bad guy (of course), who lead us to some creepy underground place where there were columns made of bound souls trying to escape. As we arrived, he says "This is the place," in an ominous way. And Sword says "You know, Faelron, you keep saying cryptic and scary things. I'm starting to wonder about you," right before we all fail DC25 will saves and are frozen in place while Faelron kills Ru with the ceremonial sword we were carrying, sacrificing him to another, bigger demon, that he calls Matokoya. He leaves us with a "parting gift," another demonic creature we have to fight, while he contains matokoya somehow and walks away... the GM commended me for ignoring the summoned minion and running straight for the evil wizard baddie. Not that it did much good, he just cast some fear spell on me and made me run away scared, but still.
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