mostlyjoe (mostlyjoe) wrote in roleplayers,

I finally get it.

Mutants and Masterminds, it took me ages go get it. I had to read and reread the book. It's not like GURPS and HERO the twin systems I 'became a man' with as it were. I understood point buy heros, I understood the bell curve of 3d6 mechanics. But the lure of a fast and fun d20 Supers game keep me coming back to the book. I almost destoryed 2 books from reading them too much. But I finally get it! I really do! Power Level is my mantra and I feel like I can GM anything super or beyond human with it.



There is no one around to play it with! Argh! Have you mastered a system and got your hopes squashed because everyone was playing something else? (Exalted and D&D in my case.)

Not the end of the world mind you, but I must say I feel better. M&M has developed into one of my systems of choice. I'm glad to have it. Now I need to flex my d20 skills! Any ideas?
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