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I need some advice.

I'm considering leaving an OWoD Vampire LARP. In fact, as of this moment, I'm 99% sure I'm done with it unless major improvements show up real soon.

I've written a letter to one of the three STs. I want to explain why I'm leaving and the numerous complaints I've had from other players, all of one faction (with one exception, and that guy complained because he believes the ST cheated), regarding one of the STs.

My problem is how to handle it. The letter is written. It's waiting to be sent. But I'm worried how it's going to come off. It is an explanation of why I feel I'm not having fun, plus the complaints against this ST. But it seems, to me at least, to come off as "I'm not playing because I hate the ST and hate the fact that you even 'hired' him."

The problem is that if this ST hadn't been brought on board, there is a good chance I'd be having a lot more fun. He has ignored players, his board (where there is a list of people waiting for the ST), changed information based on who is asking it (and not well, this person has more mental traits, so they get better information, no, more like completely different information), played favorites and, possibly, has cheated.

He doesn't know the rules, has previously argued with STs, and spends the majority of the game playing NPCs.

So yes, he is the number one reason why I am leaving.

But those are heavy things. And I'm also worried that if I send the letter, and not show up (though it's mentioned in the letter that I'm not planning on being there this week), that the ST will just think that I can't face him or something else, and nothing will get done. Some of the stories in the letter are things people told me in confidence and I have done my best to keep them anonymous. I don't want to drag anyone else into this situation yet, this is a problem that I've heard from at least 7 different people.

Someone else, who feels similarly to how I do, read the letter and things it's really good. She hopes that this will kick the STs into gear to take care of this issue.

But I wonder, is this really the best way to go about it?

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