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My First Shadowrun Experience (in 15 years)

Some time ago I posted some questions here about Shadowrun, 4th Edition, in preparation for a game a friend of mine was planning to run. Some of the people who gave me advice requests I post my experiences here.

Now keep in mind that our "collaborative" character generation wasn't. I had sent out several emails to the group prior to Gencon asking what people wanted to be, and listing my two character ideas: A dwarf catburglar who moonlighted as a DJ, and a troll bruiser who was born human, a musical prodigy with the cello, who goblinized at puberty and was effectively disowned.

Two of our group never replied with a single comment during the exchange of character ideas, and when they showed up to the "collaborative" character generation session, nearly everyone had their characters mostly, if not completely, finished. One person, K, is playing an albino elf mystic adept Face. I wanted to play the sneak. Well these two people, J1 and J2, showed up with a face and a sneak, both physical adepts. Way to collaborate there.

I willingly gave up my catburglar concept and went with the troll instead. However, it came out that NOBODY had matrix skills. So I fractured my concept into a technomancer instead.

We also didn't have a combat freak, so I worked it out so that my wife could play. She enjoys gun bunnies. I helped her with her concept and character, but we didn't complete it before the first game. She didn't want to have cybernetics.

Come to find out that the sneak, J2, had a sniper rifle and wired reflexes. During our first combat, she dropped four bad guys before my wife even had a chance to draw a bead.

It really irritated the hell out of me that we were guest spectators at the J1&J2 show (they're married, and J1 generally makes J2's characters). Then during the battle, J1 had the audacity to giggle about J2's character and how "she's really freaking cool."

Now, I like all the people involved, socially. They're also pretty decent gamers, and the GM is a fantastic GM. But I sincerely hope that J&J don't end up dominating the game. I want my wife to have fun. Since I'm the only matrix geek, I do get some involvement, which ended up being a lot of extended tests in research and hacking. But my wife didn't get to do ANYTHING.

My only consolation is that K's albino elf mystic is much much better at social tests than J1s.

Other than that, it was a fairly standard run from what I gather. Interesting enough, decent flavor, and laying the groundwork for a recurring nemesis. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait another 2-3 sessions before I have enough karma to raise my Resonance.
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