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Oriental Adventures.

Interesting book. One heaping huge gigantic horrific piss-me-off-a-lot issue I have with it:

I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY IN ROKUGAN. If I wanted to play in Rokugan, I'll play L5R. But the lion's share of the new feats and prestige classes are, well, Rokugan-based. I was hoping for a nice book that would introduce ways to do Oriental-style characters. Instead, I got a book that would probably be considered the 'Rokugan Sourcebook'.

I would have preferred to have a separate book on Rokugan, which they could have done just as easily to suck out money. But no, we get this.

I liked the way they did the spells, and the discussion of the differences in 'alignment' concepts between standard and OA D&D. And the new weapons. (My character in the new game we're in is a fighter with Ambidexterity, Two-Weapon, and exotic weapon proficiency: War Fan, who surprised the other PCs when the fan she was apparently lazily fanning herself with suddenly sliced open a street thug. Which is the way these things should work.)

But realistically, there was too much L5R-related stuff. I'd like to have seen some of the stuff presented and then, perhaps, a 'how to use it in Rokugan' section. But as it stands, it's the greatest waste-of-money book I've gotten for 3rd Ed so far.

[b]Verdict: Too Much L5R, Too Little How-To.[/b]
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