Sister Atom Bomb of Forgiveness (geekling) wrote in roleplayers,
Sister Atom Bomb of Forgiveness

nWoD query

Here's the situation. A superhero game using a template for mortal nWoD characters.

We rescue a guy from the BBEG. He's got a milion reasons to hate the BBEG even more than we do. He's expressing his intentions to seek revenge.

So naturally it starts building up to the 'you're after the BBEG, we're after the BBEG - If we join our efforts there would be mutual benefits.'

Then it comes up - the out of game comments about how if we want help from this NPC we just rescued, who has every reason to work with us on this job, then it has to be paid for. Someone has to take *mutter* some XP worth, can't remember how much right now *mutter* retainer merit to get this guy as a retainer before next session. Otherwise the mechanics of nWoD prevents him from working together with us on this job (or any job I suppose.)


So I have to ask, is that really how nWoD works?

There is no concept of NPC allies, who are just allies because it makes sense in that part of the story. But isn't connected mechanically to one character as a sidekick?

I should add that the DM and I have reached some sort of compromise in the matter. But if his interpretaion of the rules is still something that troubles me about the system itself.
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