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Roleplaying How-Tos

I have a D&D group that has a problem with staying in character. They tend to solve problems out of character and then slip into character to execute them spouting a few one-liners along the way. The unofficial leader of the group mentioned that she wants a more satisfying roleplaying experience. I brought this issue up to her, but I would like to forward the group some links just to say "Hey, here are some things to consider if we want to make the game a little more 'fun'." Where can I find some good suggestions/guides for good tabletop role playing?

It's more for the PCs than the DM(s), as covers lots of DM stuff, but if there's some more DM stuff that's okay. I'm looking for face-to-face roleplaying, not typing, not roll-playing. I ran some Google searches but what I found tended to be better suited for messageboards and MMOs.

[Update] Thanks for the input but it feels a lot like people are kind of generalizing my ideas in order to make me an easy "opponent". I'm not trying to force the group to act 100% in-character at all times. I just want to bump up the roleplaying a little because:
  1. Half the group has a background in theater, so they should be good at playing characters and enjoy it
  2. Characters can argue a little (We're a whole mix of alignments, races, and just mundane opinions) without feelings being hurt.
  3. Players can hopefully think a little more independently than just nod and agree with their girlfriends.
  4. Simply to make the night more fun for everyone.
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