Thomas Denagh (cartoonlad) wrote in roleplayers,
Thomas Denagh

Hey, look at my message board game!

About these ads for message board games we keep getting from people spamming various communities, I think one of the reasons why we get so many is our Rule 2 is buried in a block of type. Could the maintainer of the community bold relevant sections of the big block of type to emphasis the rules? (And perhaps put spaces between paragraphs in there?) Something like what's behind the cut could pop out the basic rules we want community members to follow, and the courteous poster that wants to advertise their game might see the no advertising stricture a bit easier.

As the community membership has grown, it's become necessary to set down a few basic rules regarding posts to the community and comments.

1. This is obvious - but keep it civil. We're all opinionated folk and while I'm all for spirited debate and discussion, I'm not going to allow it to devolve into outright flames. Keep the ad-hom attacks elsewhere. Try to keep the discussion fruitful - if you're just talking at one another repeating the same thing it's time to stop. Mods (like me) will post when they think things are going too far - if they do lay off.

2. Please don't post advertisements to your game here. Frankly there are much better places to do that - rpg_promo and rpg_connect are two of them. Another is pnp_rpgs, which is geared specifically to "traditional" games (as opposed to the celebrity/harry potter/etc stuff on the two other communities).

3. Keep it on topic. In the past few months I've seen people post about card games, stupid web games, stuff like that.

4) Everyone has different tastes in gaming. It's OK to discuss them - to talk about why you like one form of gaming or don't like another. But it is not acceptable to be dismissive of another form of roleplaying. "I don't like hack and slash because the emphasis is on maximizing the effectiveness of stats and there's no real character development that takes place," is an OK criticism. "Hack and Slash isn't real roleplaying," is not. My goal is for this community to be someplace that people feel comfortable posting, and if members are dismissing their fun that can't happen.

5. This should go without saying, but don't use the community to violate copyright. Sharing copies of gamebooks or whatnot or asking for that sort of thing isn't something I'm comfortable allowing. Yeah I know it sucks when something has been out of print for ten years, but them's the breaks.
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