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Lunar Haven

 Hey!!! There's a new forum called Lunar Haven and it needs more members!!

For as long as the people of Lunar Haven can remember, the Lunar and Solar Kingdoms have been at war.  With the two kingdoms now in an uneasy truce there have been several messengers killed on both sides.  Despite each kingdom searching for a killer in the area that begins both territories, the killer has escaped notice.  The Lunar Prince blames the Solar Kingdom for the murder of his best friend and seeks to start a war with them despite his father's decision to persue peace.  The Solar Princess still stands with hope for peace in her heart at the prospect of peacefully uniting the two kingdoms.

Two months have passed since the last murder and peace talks have once again resumed.  Messengers now frequent the Peace Trail that winds between the two kingdoms.  Only a select few of each race know the true identity of the messenger killer and will do anything in their power to keep it from their rulers.



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