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In Conclusion

In conclusion to a post I had made a few weeks ago about the mechanic behind Gray Jedi....

I had a little chat with my GM and as it turns out to my worst fears really, that he is basing the idea of a gray jedi from the KotOR games... basically the jedi in our group can use darkside powers in whatever situation that she wants with little penalty (Dark side points which the GM is letting her get rid of using force points and what not) and as far as retrospection goes that pretty much is "oh the person that I am killing is a bad guy..." Thankfully one of the other players has a problem with this too and he and I are actually making an effort in game to see if we can rectify the situation... 

On a different note... unbeknownst to me, one of the other players, Julie I think her name is, seem to have a problem with my character taking charge all the time (This was mentioned to me by my friend who is also in this game and the GM has yet to mention this to me... yet the GM told him about this) My argument to it was that Julie is playing a Flakey Cat-girl type, anime, I am so cute look at me, character... why would I let her take charge... 



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