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Lost Games

We've all been in one... a game that got started, perhaps even got it's groove on, and then ended before it's time. Before the story was told (if it was a game with a specific metaplot) or before it's potential was properly explored (for the more open-ended style of game).

I'll start this thread off with the short lived London Knights.

Genre: Fantasy/Superheroics
Setting: Original, Alternate Earth
System: Fuzion
# of players: 7
# of sessions: 2
Reason of early termination: Drastic life changes for the GM

Player characters:
Guardian - Warrior knight with troll blood (accelerated speed, increased strength)
Illumination - Islamic holy woman with light and energy powers
Nightfall - half-oriental woman with powers of darkness, highly skilled martial artist
Quero Veritat - Inquisitor for the church, psionic
Shaman - Elder Seminole Indian, healer and teacher
Spirit Warrior - Mohican warrior with enhanced strength, fire powers and flight
Templar - A holy knight with a holy sword

The world of London Knights is a fantasy world. The year is 1999AD, but there is very little similarity between the Earth we know and the Earth of the game. Magic and faeries were real, and until just a few centuries ago, they walked the streets side-by-side with humanity. Even with the departing of the faerie folk, magic has lingered, albeit dwindling slowly.

The characters are all supers. Their powers are derived from any of the following sources:

* Faerie blood - they come from one of the faerie families, and their mixed blood gives them special powers and abilities. (Note: not every fae-blood has advanced powers, but abilities above those of normal humans are not uncommon.)
* Faith - Faith in God (whether you believe in Him as the Christian God, the Jewish Yahweh, or the Islamic Allah) can result in being chosen by God and gifted with the ability to perform miraculous things.
* Spirits - There are spirits in the world; aboriginal people (Native Americans, tribal people in Africa, etc) are the most adept at dealing with them. Sometimes the spirits give individuals special abilities. Some particularly wise people can communicate with them on a regular basis. (Note: the pagan gods of Greece, Japan, the Scandinavian regions, etc, were spirits who told men they were gods...)
* Artifacts - Items of special origin (tied to one of the three above, and the weilder needs the appropriate connection to use the item) carry their own powers. Weapons, magical rings, armour and more.

Setting Notes:
The Holy Germanic Empire rules continental Europe and parts of Northern Africa. North America was never colonised beyond the eastern seaboard - the Native Americans and their spirit allies kept the Europeans to the coast. The United Kingdom sits off the coast of the greatest power in the world. Sitting on the throne of the Holy Germanic Empire is the aging Emperor Adolf II, son of Adolf I. His son, Adolf III, waits for his chance to wear the crown of power.

King Charles and Queen Diana rule the UK with strength and justice (hey, I did say it was a fantasy.) They have decided that the Crown needs a special team of empowered agents. This is the group of heroes.

Plots and such:
As shown earlier, this campaign only lasted two sessions. Before any more could be run, we'd taken a hiatus for a month while several players (as well as the GM, me, and his wife) were arranging vacations and the like. During that hiatus, well, things happened and I never saw the gaming group again.

The biggest plot was going to be the evil of the Emperor, Adolf II. Just as evil as his predecessor, the man once known as Adolf Hitler, Adolf the Second rules the Holy Germanic Empire with an iron fist. Though there has been an unsteady peace between the HGE and Britain since the 1950s, Adolf II craves to spread the borders of his realm, and covets the British Isles above all else.

Lots of PC-related plots, faerie family related drama, religious politics and social unfairness for the Amerindians were all going to be part of the story.

I had a really good group, and their character ideas were fun. There was going to be an eighth player, Oracle, a blind woman from Greece who spoke to spirits and could command them. The other players were all excellent roleplayers with great concepts.

It's entirely possible that I will run this one day, most likely using a different system, though Fuzion is always a possibility.

I'd love to hear about your lost games...
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