Avi (Avram) (hawkswift) wrote in roleplayers,
Avi (Avram)

Social Skills...

...or lack thereof.
I know the question has been brought up before, but I'm not sure it has here, and I feel like discussing it - what role do social skills play on a character sheet?

There are problems with using them, since it is the players social skills which will be doing the acting for the character. Suppose the player is great at fast talking, but the character can't lie his way out of an open window?

But you can't not use them either, for the opposite reason. If the player can't fast talk but the character can, how's the player supposed to play it?

And if I just go by the rolls, is it still roleplaying?

A possible solution is to use the roleplaying done by the player as a modifier to the character's rolls... The problem with this is that it encourages players not to roleplay it when their characters can't argue anywhere near as well as they can. Also, is it fair to make a player who can argue playing a character who can argue so much better at it than a character with similar skills played by someone less adept at manipulating their fellow man?

OK, so I'm mostly posting because I'm bored and it's 4AM, that doesn't reduce the potential for discussion. Any ideas?
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