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[D&D] Racial Alignment Preconceptions

Hi all,

I'm part of a group running a series of D&D games. Basically the players characters have been sucked from their own land (somewhere in Greyhawk) and dumped in another world. Still very much fantasy in style. The land is populated by reptillian creatures. Crocodile type humanoid creatures with a civilisation based off a quasi-roman empire and a distinct empire of snake type humanoid creatures who are at war with the crocodile folk.

The crocodile empire has been presented as being generally good, civilised for the people and catering to their concerns. There have been good crocodile men and bad crocodile men. The crocodile-men empire use servants (Kobolds) who have rights in the empire but there will be some Croc-men who look after the Kobolds and others who don't. Different kobold tribes have been introduced; some of whom behave in generally good ways, others evil.

One major snake-type humanoid has been introduced who has been definitely evil. Imprisoning the players in one instance and being manipulative and murderous in another.

My question is:

Is there any assumption that can be made about the alignment other snake-type humanoid based on this one example.

And where does this pre-conception come from?

Is it derived from D&D ruleset?
Is it derived from D&D setting?
Is it determined by player?
Is it determined by character?

If anyone has any queries about the setting for more info please ask away.

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