K'rrayn (krrayn) wrote in roleplayers,

Character Generation help for Shadowrun 4th Ed

My friend's 4th Edition Shadowrun game is looming closer, and he's given me a PDF copy of the rulebook. I found a character generator spreadsheet online, and I've been poking around and trying to build up the concept I have.

The concept is a dwarf cat burglar. Don't ask why, it's just what came to me, and I went with it.

The character is going to be a sneaky type, skilled at dealing with physical and technical security systems. Not a combat monster, and not a hacker.

I'm having difficulty deciding between going for skill groups at lower ranks (like 3) or specific skills at higher ranks (like 4). I know I'm a newb, so I don't want to overlook an important skill.

I'm curious to know what, in your experience, are "necessary" and "useful" skills and skill levels (and attributes for that matter) for the sneaky breaking and entering type.

My first build idea focused on Hardware, Locksmith, Perception, and Infiltration (with points left over for things like Pistols, Pilot Groundcraft, and Thrown Weapons). The second build generalized with skill groups, using Electronics and Stealth. I guess my question is, will I need all four skills in these skill groups to do what the character concept calls for?

I know from a cost perspective, if you need three skills out of a skill group, it's cheaper to buy the group; but if you only need two, it's cheaper to buy them individually (for the same rank). I'm not usually a min/maxer, but I want the character to be able to do what I imagine it being able to do.

What do you guys think?

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