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Well, the game was quite good, I must say. After 4 FREAKING GAMES we finally finished up the Sunless Citadel (yes, quite sad, I know). In case I didn't mention this earlier, we ended up recruiting an army of Kobolds, and we were able to use them to help us to lay waste to these 'cops' that were pursuing Mr. Underhill and myself. Corwyn and Ragavin went into town (Eveningstar) and bought our army supplies (wagons, tents, food, weapons, etc., etc., etc.), and when they came back, they told us that they saw them in town asking questions. So we quickly set up our defense/offense (we had Kobolds on one side of the road behind wagon shields, I was on the other side up in a tree with my crossbow, since I'm pretty much the best archer there, and I had a rope tied around me, just in case). Our Paladin joined their side, so oh well ;o) Mr. Underhill (who was dressed in his 'pimp' attire) mocked the 'cops' and led them towards our position. When they came into range, 8 of our Kobolds threw a flash bang (storm stone), so each guy had to pass 8 Fort. saves or be blinded and deafened - None passed ;o) Corwyn went first and threw a dagger into the chest of the mage. I then signaled the other 9 Kobolds to launch the first salvo of bolts, a good amount of them hitting, due to their lowered AC. Before too long, the mage was down, and everyone we were attacking was staggering around, swinging wildly trying to hit someone or something. Thalandur (the Paladin) and the leader of the 'cops' staggered over near the tree that I was occupying. I saw this as an opportunity to be a complete ass hole, so I threw down a flask of alchemist's fire on them, not only igniting them, but also igniting the 11 flasks of lamp oil Mr. Underhill and I had poured out earlier. To avoid the inferno, I grabbed onto the rope and swung across the road to the other side where everyone was. One of the fighters ended up taking out one of our Kobolds (rest in peace little bud), but no sooner was he impaled with Corwyn's short and long swords and then finished off by my rapier (on a critical back stab, I might add).

I know a lot more happened than that, but since it's late, and because it's been a very long day, I need to get some sleep. If I missed anything, I'm sure Corwyn,Ragavin, or Mr. Underhill will mention some things about today as well. =]
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