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Your Apocalypse

I've started a community (no, this isn't a plug) recently with my old college friends in order to put the cap on the Werewolf game we ran. The updated premise is that since their politically visionary/suicidal characters never returned from their showdown with the big bad, everything has gone to hell at their sept (a critically important one) and now their children (the new PCs) will be denied adulthood unless things are set right. Once they get to the umbral location a trickster spirit will send them through a collective dream and they will visit several snapshot scenes from the Apocalypse before facing the old villain and freeing their parents.

What I want to ask is, how did you conduct your Apocalypse? I'm fleshing out the last details of my plans, but am interested to hear and possibly steal elements from your Wyrm-ascendant apocalypses.

Please don't tell any of my players the following:
Scene One: atop a Scandinavian glacier.
-The entirety of the Get of Fenris await something here, including a friend from the sept.
-She informs them that the Masquerade fell and that witch hunts targeting vampires, mages, and other non-Delirium monsters became widespread. A subconscious response also caused them to defile the dead and hunt wolves to extinction. The Red Talons are gone and the Wendigo are on the ropes.
-Elder vampires responded by using their influence to collapse Western civilization, as per Crucible of Gods.
-A second Week of Nightmares event occurred with the Gangrel clan, and the Get traced the epicenter to this area.
-Grendal was a fourth generation Gangrel and Grendalsdam is Gangrel/Ennoi herself. The Get intend to slay her, and after such an act their few sleeping heroes should awaken, including Get-of-Fenris-Slays-Grendal (Beowulf) who put her down the first time and will lead them in the Apocalypse.
-Grendalsdam appears on the horizon, but is shortly joined by the Perfect Metis (who did not appear in my chronicle) bearing the Banner of the Wyrm. The contact implies that the Metis has made a conscious choice to join the Wyrm. He attempts to use the fetish to dominate the Antediluvian, when a pack of elder Kitsune and possibly Baimianxi herself exit the Umbra and attempt to steal the Banner. They are slain with ease.
-The Get then leap into a now impossible battle and die to the last.

Scene Two: a terrace on the side of an American Skyscraper.
-The anchor character in this scene is an Ecstatic mage known by the characters' parents.
-He explains how the few earthbound masters and pretenders such as himself have decided to close the Gauntlet permanently through nine ritual suicides/gilguls. The reasons are the Avatar Storm, the plague of ghosts and walking dead, and increase of bane activity.
-Following the ritual, the only beings who will be able to cross the Gauntlet will be those who can do so naturally, namely the changing breeds.
-He then commits suicide so memorably that the stars take notice.

Scene Three: a weapons stockade.
-The anchor character, a Ratkin arms dealer known by the parents, sells the children their parents' fetishes for funky chimanage (remember, this is a dream).
-He then launches into a rant from which can be gleamed that the Garou discovered that the Nagah were still alive and that other breed knew about it, thus sparking a third War of Rage. Now most non-garou changers are dead or deserters.

Scene Four: Technocracy encampment in the Amazon.
-The anchor character is a recurring heavy, a NWO greyman, now wearing white.
-The Technocrats are using (and wearing) a strange mix of modern and long-outdated equipment.
-Entropy, as a quantum force, is slowly on the rise. Entropy as a magic principle is causing science to backslide; much of conventional science and technology can no longer be applied.
-The Technocracy has fallen apart, between the wreck of society (allowing Fortune to destroy the Syndicate) and the impermeability of the Gauntlet. The contact says that even now Union citizens are surely dying by the shipload in the isolation of space to protect Earth.
-He theorizes that Iteration X's alleged Machine God has been slain.
-Smoking holes have opened in the earth, spewing forth monsters. The smoke has blacked out the sky. The only visible celestial bodies are the two Red Stars, which can now also be seen in the physical realm.
-No garou have been contacted in weeks. The stand-in Man in White thinks the PCs are the reinforcements he's been trying to reach.
-The Ananasi have completely joined the faction of Entropy, and their monstrous metis are loose in the jungle. These Technocrats are here to oppose them. A fight scene breaks out, which the characters can join.

Scene Five: the back of an old VW bus.
-The anchor is a character's grown up little sister, who promptly blugeons him and informs them that no werewolf has been seen in months.
-The bus is going to the Goodbye to Gaia festival, where the desperate dregs of remaining life will have a final frenzied party. This is a comedy scene, which won't be apparent from the outline.
-The concert is on an island freehold which is mostly unspoiled by the mounting Apocalypse. Payment is food, medical supplies, gasoline for the generators, other necessities, quality musical instruments, or simple celebrity. After payment, vehicles are abandoned and the party-goers are ferried in. Reckoning style Hunters screen entrants, which should be a fun obstacle for the players.
-Two boards list artists who are Alive and Performing or Confirmed Dead. No known garou are playing.
-Pelvis Resley, a Pooka who has dedicated his live to impersonating Elvis, leads the characters around. Many of the performers and celebrities are Changelings, and Pelvis imparts that the revelation of the supernatural has greatly empowered the fey, who can now be readily seen for what they are.
-After initial hostilities, an ancient Rokea imparts that Sea is under siege by Qyrl's spawn, and that most of the remaining weresharks are protecting the last Rorqual.
-The Changelings bid humanity goodbye and hop through a portal to the Dreaming, departing for Arcadia as per one of their end scenarios.

Scene Six: the Plain of the Apocalypse.
-The players behold the Last Battlefield before the final conflict begins. The Gaian host numbers a few thousand and are in bad shape.
-The horde of the Wyrm numbers in the millions, with the Perfect Metis as marshal, and the manifested Wyrm above them.
-The Silver Fangs stand with the Wyrm, and the few surviving Black Spiral Dancers have sided with Gaia, as per the SF A Tribe Will Fall scenario.

This is a worst case scenario in which every choice which could have benefited Gaia was not made, and ultimately what is responsible is the situation which developed at the old PCs' sept after they failed to return victorious. After the children kill the big bad and rescue their parents, the survivors of both packs stumble out of the Umbra a few days after the first pack disappeared. They are given the infant Perfect Metis by its dying mother in a manner similar to Rage Across the Heavens. Thus the stage is set to preempt all the wrongs which led to such a hopeless last battle.
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