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Discounting discounts

It's a funny day when a Supreme Court decision gets more chat on gaming forums than in the mainstream media.

The decision Leegin v. PSKS came out last week. It's ironic that a decision involving leather products can come back and influence the gaming industry, but there it is. Ryan Dancey talks about the decision here. Essentially, the decision is going to allow, on some level, for manufacturers to establish minimum sale-prices among distributors. This has been per se illegal under the Sherman Antitrust Act since a 1911 decision that Leegin reversed. For example, Company X sells 1000 units of Squirrel: The Nuttering to Distributor X at 45% below retail. Dis-X re-sells the stuff at 30% below retail because they only sell via teh IntarWebs. In the meantime, Actual Store Y, unable to compete, watches their market share (not to mention their livelihood) fall through the floor.

Personally, I think this decision is fantastic for the long-term health of the gaming industry. Internet retailers, for a myriad of reasons, contribute to making the community more insular and less available to new gamers. The other side of the coin comes from those FLGS who have to step up and seize this opportunity. If the local store, for reasons of incompetence or apathy, fails to grow the market with the tools they have at their disposal, I expect the end of the FLGS by the time I retire from the AF (about 10 years from now).

It's up to the retailer, but their chances have never been better.
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