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Changeling the EPIC FAIL

Myself, DrMondo and Dante Corwyn all sat down and tried the demo of Changeling the Lost.

We really really tried, very very hard.

We had our serious faces on and everything.

But we failed, we failed in the introduction to the game itself because as players we have evolved, we've come further then being told "You are the grumpy Dwarven fighter" we want to know why we are grumpy and have character motivations and stuff like that.

So when told we were trapped between the mundane world that the rather odd world of the other, we had to ask why, why couldn't we just go back to the mundane world?

I looked over my character background, Carlos a up and coming gang member from the streets and the more I read the more I just continued to think; why the heck would I go along with this?
I'd convince myself a rival gang hit me up with some LSD (that's still taking a long time to work out of my system) and go back to being me, screw the magic, screw the "power", i'll be back in the nice safe mundane world.

It got worse, we tried to find a rational explanation at all why anyone would go along with this other then, "Because it says so in the book" we pondered if our more cynical World of Darkness characters perhaps had some insight into the situation that we had just overlooked, failing to grasp right from the start the very basic concept; why.

And that's the time I almost played Changeling The Lost, i'll probably pick up the book and give it a read over but thus far i'm very far from being impressed.
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