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[Orpheus] Captured By The Feds

First off, my players stay out. Also, there are major spoilers for the Orpheus plotline, so if you're lucky enough to be playing Orpheus, you probably don't want to read on.

Last session ended with our protagonists surrounded by a SWAT team and FBI agents, and captured.

For those of you not up on Orpheus's plotline:
The Orpheus Group was a for profit business that figured out how to flatline people and temporarily turn them into ghosts. Businesses and wealthy individuals would hire Orpheus to send these Projectors to clean up haunted houses, spy on their competitors, scare their ex wives, find out how their son died, kill people discreetly, and all sorts of other missions of varying legality.

A few months ago in game time, the Orpheus Group was destroyed, blown up by ghostly mercenaries and assassins and evil Spectres. Similar attacks struck other Projector firms. The attacks were immediately declared acts of terrorism and the FBI took over under the auspices of Homeland Security. Previously, a poisoned drug shipment killed over 200 people in Chicago on New Year's Eve, and the FBI and DEA believe Orpheus was involved in that act of terrorism. So after the Orpheus Group was destroyed, our PCs went on the run, hiding from the FBI, the police, as well as demonic Spectres and hired assassins that were trying to kill them. There are also mysterious antagonists within the government who want to see the former Orpheus employees go down, who are working behind the scenes to fuck them over. (Also, mysterious antagonists elsewhere who send demonic spectres and hired assassins to kill them.)

(In case you know Orpheus and are curious, I switched the big events from Crusade of Ashes and Shades of Grey, it just seemed more natural.)

The FBI finally caught up to the PCs in Los Angeles, largely because one of them started calling his father in law, who is in the FBI. Returning to their hideout after a big fight with Spectres, the PCs were surrounded and most of them surrendered.

The PCs have been caravaned to the Ultramax Security Facility in Florence, Colorado. I haven't figured out what charges the PCs have actually been charged with. They're in fact innocent of the two big attacks, several of them even worked to stop the New Year's massacre. Not that the PCs have much in the way of evidence to back this up. However, there's all sorts of other shit they ARE guilty of, including murder and accessory to murder.

So, I'm not entirely sure how I want to proceed from here. Obviously, the rest of the chronicle shouldn't revolve around the PCs stuck in prison while the world at large goes to shit. The PCs can still project out of their bodies and do ghostly shit, perhaps even use their ghostly powers to break out of jail. However the FBI is aware of projector technology, and has started to adapt to it, setting up Kirlian cameras and a few agents/guards with ammunition that can harm ghosts. They're still adjusting, and not everyone has ghostshot by any means, but escaping won't be as easy as just turning into a ghost and walking out. Also, the PCs have heard about a new secret Army special forces division named Project Black Mercury, that appears to be some sort of federal projector bad ass project. It's possible that they will try to prove their innocence and offer to join BM.

Here's a brief rundown of the PCs and their reactions/attitudes:
Mason: has a lengthy criminal history, will probably try to escape.
Roland: the one who has been sending information to his Father in Law, wants to cut a deal.
Sophia: the only PC who ran, tried to shoot at the SWAT team, but was gunned down. She's currently in the hospital ward of the prison, and is all fucked up.
Winthrop: has the power to look into the future, he was the first to walk out and surrender. Not sure what he'll do.

The 5th PC was a ghost, and last session gave in fully to his dark side and became a Spectre (and an NPC villain.) He'll be introducing a new character this session, assumedly a fellow captured ex-Orpheus employee.

Now, whether they want to make a deal, try to convince the FBI of their innocence, flee the prison in a blaze of glory, or what have you is largely up to the PCs. But if anyone has any suggestions on how the Feds should act or cool twists and turns I could throw in, I'd love to hear them. I'm not entirely sure how to progress from here.

If you have any suggestions, or any stories from a game where the PCs were captured by modern law enforcement, or any other comments or what have you, I'd love to hear em.
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