Azure (azuresorrow) wrote in roleplayers,

question for tristat players:

The Attribute Own a Big Mecha has a table listing all the abilities you get for your mecha per level of the attribute... One column says "SPECIAL ATTACK" and then under it, "SUPERSTRENGTH LEVEL." (both things are on the same column). I'm confused as to whether these are two seperate attributes gained from OBM that just happen to share the same values (thus share a column), or if they are supposed to be the same thing or what. The poorly written manual offers no explanation.
Also, if the attribute "Special Attack" is gained through the OBM attribute, does the player have to spend PMVs on the Special Attack as normal?
Gaining a Special Attack from OBM seems a bit much, considering its normally a 4/level attribute, but maybe not.

any help?
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