W.J. Walton (fossilapostle) wrote in roleplayers,
W.J. Walton

My first game

I love these gaming history stories.  I've always been fond of hearing stories of people's first games (and for some reason, their WORST games, as well).

I did something similar to this a little while ago on Square One, a podcast for newbie gamers that Sam Chupp and myself have been putting together.  You can listen to my story in the first episode right here: http://squareonepodcast.com/2007/01/02/episode-1-what-is-roleplaying

It's a regular (we hope!) segment on the show called "My First Game."  My bit starts almost precisely at the 38:00 mark, if you'd rather skip ahead to it.  It's a little more focused on the challenge of getting started in the roleplaying hobby, and not as much on my general history, but you might still enjoy it.

- Bill
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