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RPG History

This may seem boring or meandering...but I tried to stay relevant with a little bit of flavor added in.

Age 8: I had collected Comic Trading Cards. The Card shop I went to got Magic: The Gathering. I become an addict.

Age 10: I meet someone when I transition to Boy Scouts who plays Magic outside of my immediate friends. I get almost the entire troop playing Magic. The person I meet introduces me to a group 4-5 years older than I who play D&D. They let me tag along and learn. I find I hate THAC0 since I had not yet been fully exposed to negative numbers.

Age 12: I am gaming with the older group regularly. They got be into Warhammer and Warhammer 40k as well. These alternate on and off with D&D nights. They then mention they play Vampire. I being young and naive am cautious of the game. Yet they get me playing Werewolf...this quickly gets me addicted to all WoD. I ended up adoring Wraith (wait a teenage boy, going through 'that time'? Being all angsty? Identifying with the Angst game? Imagine that huh ;) ). I also inadvertantly crack open a book written by Lovecraft (only takes 3 months to become a Lovecraft Fan and get into Call of Cthulu).

Age 14: The group begins to play around with L5R and 7th Sea. I begin to focus heavily on story development with games by running L5R. I also use the themes and styles from 7th Sea for Changeling inspiration. This leads to being introduced to LARP. I adore it. It honestly provided me with one of the first environments where I got to interract with many people (40+ at once) without being ornery and reclusive. We all begin hanging around the nearest gaming store all the time.

I also began writing for an online periodical about one of the Gaming settings mentioned prior. I had some conflicts with someone incharge. Words were had. I made some poor judgement calls (which I now, looking back know were inappropriate). I wish I could go back and fix things. However I don't know if that is possible. I keep specifics here quiet because I see some in this community who I am sure were involved there, and who may still be. If you are further interested and think you know me go post on my journal and I will respond to you via an IM on your journal or some other way.

Due to the above events I quickly grew out of my awkward angsty phase which I was stuck in and become stable.

Age 15-18: I speant the rest of high school trying to focus on being able to run games like telling stories. I focused a lot on setting mood with environment. I also took pains to work with my voice a lot to try to help people feel things. It led to a few issues...1) some friends would not play Call of Cthulu anymore because I terrified them too well. I felt bad...but I was kind of proud. 2) They refused to play Wraith because I was able to make people feel like I wanted their character to feel. This caused some trouble and led me to running a Changeling game after to lighten the mood.

I also played my first epic D&D game. In the gaming group this is the Quintessential Game. It did not occur for nearly 8 years from all of our meeting but it is now how we think of gaming. During this time I decided to go to college on the other side of the country.

Age 18 (at College): I get involved with a gaming group at an Ivy League University nearby. They are big on homebrew, which I am not into. However there is an interesting Victorian LARP starting. I go and when building my character history end up writing the central plot to the game. The GMs took it and ran with it. I litterally was moved to tears as my character (who ended up going mad) because the other players were all so big on building a story. This leads me to be heavily involved with the gaming group trying many homebrew systems.

Current: I have brought my girlfriend into gaming and she loves the story aspect. I have run a number of D&D games with her involved and have managed to have people love them. I sadly have not been as active as I wish. I even got involved Boffer LARPing but found the cost too great and my work schedule to blow too much.

Now I role-play to tell a story. To be a part of a story. To imagine the many things I wish others would make, or that I could experience.

I hope it wasn't terribly boring. In the end it helped me to grow up and deal with a number of things people do but in ways I actually cared about. Now it is stress relief when I can have it. I just like to know that it is proof that if I love something, I devote myself to it.
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