Shawn (inscrutable) wrote in roleplayers,

Gaming Histories, Keep Em Coming!

I don't speak for everyone, but I'd certainly be happy to see more of these, even if my initial thought when seeing tashiro's was "tl,dr" (but then I did go back and read it later.)

If you do one, (and you should) I'd strongly suggest doing the following:

1: LJ Cuts!
2: Keep it focused on how the games you've played (or books you read or what have you) have formed the way you play today. "I played D&D for a long time, and then I played Vampire, and then I played Shadowrun, and now I play l5R" for 6 paragraphs isn't particularly exciting.

So far everyone (all 3 of them!) have done these really well. I look forward to reading more, and I might get around to doing one myself.

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