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Online Gaming Question

Hey all, I was curious about the unforseen problems with running an online (chat based) game. I have ran table top games since 1985, so I have a lot of experience with actually being a GM. I am also fortunate that most of my players that are playing online have played in my table top games (the reason we are starting it online is because I probably will be travelling a lot for my next job, but I still want to run a game regularly, and forum based is a bit too slow for me).

More then likely I will use two chat windows, one for IC interaction and one for OOC conversations. We have not yet decided if I will roll the dice myself, or if we will find a chat program that can do it for us. I have been told by some MUSHers to make sure unless its combat, round robin the conversation, everyone speaks once and then we go back.

I realize it will be slower then tabletop, but it will force me to be more organized (which should save me some time). But are there any problems (or ways to fix those problems) that are common in chat based table top style gaming?

Thanks for any feedback.
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