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Hello beautiful community people. Unsure as to how to approach introductions, I figured the best way would just be to throw it out there. Hi. I'm new. My name is Nikki or LilDeth if real names make you uncomfortable. I've been role playing for about 2 years and participated in many different kinds of games (ex. D&D home brew/3.5, Star Wars, V:TM, Resident Evil home brew, and very very briefly an online Harry Potter game). I've even run a couple games but I have found that you always want to play in the games you run. Currently, I am in a D&D Forgotten Realms game that has lasted over a year but is taking an extended break right now. So I have been sifting through the LJ Communities looking for a game I can join. However, past experience makes me a bit cautious. That is why I joined this community. I was hoping to talk to other gamers and see what's out there before I start applying for any game in particular.

Okay, enough about me. I'd really like to "meet" some of you.
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