TW Bruhn (apestyle) wrote in roleplayers,
TW Bruhn

WotC CS Comes Through

A few days ago I asked about your opinion on Nine Sword's Iron Heart Surge and it limits. Happily WotC customer service responded my to query:

Thank you for contacting Wizards of the Coast game support.

It is intended to be used on things like charms and compulsions and the like, but there are limitations. If you do not have the mental ability or control to perform the standard action required, then you are not able to use the maneuver. For instance, if you are Dominated and your enemy is forcing control over you, you cannot use the ability. If they give you free reign to use your own actions, but plan on exerting control over you if you anger them, that is enough for you to be able to use the standard action to initiate the Iron Heart Surge.

Take Care and Good Gaming! :)

So that seems pretty clear: If your character has the ability to use his/her will, they can surge out of spell effects, etc.

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