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Star wars Saga edition

So I just joined a SW game in which the DM is planning on using the saga edition rule book... I have been looking it over and WOW! they have simplified quite a bit! So I rolled some stats and made a character: a Force Sensitive Wookie Soldier level 2. That took some effort due the sheer fact that I had to some serious thinking about what stat goes where... 

But that's not the point that I am trying to make here... What I realised through reading the book... Force powers are easier to get access to, as you don't have to be a force using class to be able to use them all it requires is a feat. Yay! The one attack per round thing is new, but limits to how much you can break a character (IMO)... I really like the way defense works in this system... that you now have 3 different types of "AC"s which the other player has to beat to affect you... Takes out pesky dice rolling time! More time for fun! But is it just me... or is it a lot easier to kill of characters... What with the damage threshold mechanic. It does make sense... there are only so many shots one Character can take before they go down from the sheer pain... but... it seems to me that this makes it a lot easier to kill of a character. Please keep in mind that I have not actually played the campaign yet (Probably will happen today, So Looking forward to it) but this is more of a question to the people here who have played this edition who could tell me if it is actually as easy as it would seem to knock off a character (as in meeting Damage threshold every time and knocking them into the -1 persistent condition track?)



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