TheBitterGuy (thebitterguy) wrote in roleplayers,

I'm working on adding a slightly better rules system to Top Secret SI for computers. Previously, Computer Technician was a catchall skill with an Electronics pre-requisite. It allowed PCs to modify, build & repair computer equipment (including terminals, printers, modems, disc drives, etc) and program or use computers.

Now, Top Secret SI is an espionage game, and I'm planning on using it for Delta Green, so what I want to do is setup a three part skill tree for computer use.

There would be a basic skill skill, which has only one level and would let you use a computer. There would be a computer programming skill that would allow someone to develop computer programs and databases and require computer use as a pre-requisite.

There would also be a computer security skill that would allow people to create or bypass computer security systems. These seem to be the elements that will be necessary for an espionage game. The Computer Technician skill will still allow people to build, maintain & modify hardware.

I'm wondering if A) that seems like a logical assumption on my part, and B) if the Security skill should just requie the computer use skill as a pre-requisite or the computer programming skill.
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