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My D&D group has hit an...issue. I don't know how to fix it, or if it is even fixable at this part.

My group is made up of the following: A wizard, a rogue, a monk, a fighter, a cleric and a bard (me).

This issue is mostly about the Wizard, but a bit about the Bard as well.

Last game session, all but the Wizard had a wonderful time.

This morning (two days later) we got an email from the DM basically saying that the Wizard (his girlfriend I might add, though I don't know if that effects this so much) had a terrible time. We don't consult her on anything, sometimes it just seems like she is there to buff us. She has wanted to try and reform some people (a goblin, skulks, and a tiefling) instead we either killed (skulks, tiefling) or exiled (goblin) them. Then a street brawl occurred, that neither me nor her okayed (or participated in, but see below), where one of the participants was killed, reflecting badly on us. Also, she doesn't like the killed the guys, steal the loot type of D&D we've been playing.

I sort of stuck. For starters, the majority of her RP is between her and the DM. And while it's true that she isn't included in some of the decisions, she also doesn't seem to be making herself heard. Okay, with the Tiefling she was, but the Cleric exploded the Tiefling while they were still debating it. The skulks I don't recall, but about 90% of them were trying to kill us. And the Goblin, well, I wasn't happy with that decision either.

But I also know that if she stops playing, we'll probably stop having game, and that would be very sad. Thoughts?

The second part. I play a Bard in a very full party and I feel completely useless (which my husband agrees). All I do is sing. We have a Cleric, Fighter and Monk for close combat, we have a wizard for range, and we have a rogue who can do all of the other stuff I can do. Hell, I'm even talked over when we try to do diplomacy so clearly being the 'face' isn't working either. I dont' want to drop the character, but I hate the fact that if I was an NPC I'd probably get to participate more. To be fair, I have a chunk of RP that no one else (except the Wizard) has, since only the fighter and the bard have anything resembling family in the city, and since the two are at odds with each makes for good RP. But I just wish I could do something.

Thoughts on any of this?

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ETA: The DM send out a follow up PM today. Basically he agrees that we all need to meet out of character. He has also agreed to make plots more flexible, give us more plot other then whats in the book, and try to pay more attention to wealth tables so we aren't constantly behind.

The part I'm less sure on is that he's agreed to have the Wizard help him find more oppertunities for RP and designing side quests. So we'll see how this goes. But at least it's a start.
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