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Venice Chronicles

I just wanted to make sure that this was okay. On the profile it said I could advertise the RPG I work for, and I gladly would answer questions about the site. I'm an actress for the site, and would love to pimp it out.

Online there's an interesting Masquerade that's happening. It's called the 'Venice Chronicles'. It takes place in Venice, in no real time frame. There's an entire lore that surrounds the Venice Chronicles as well, and real actors that help guide the story.

It's a Flash based system, that incorporates a AI called Valentina inside. You can use the site to do regular chat, voice chat, and video chat. If you go into the "VIP clubs" you can have up to 5 people Video Chatting. Also it has an ability to do anonymous text messages, and phone calls through a system called JahJa.

Best way to describe it is a SubCulture - Social Network - RPG - with a romantic twist (Venice without a Romantic Twist wouldn't be Venice).

You start by creating a profile within the Masquerade. You can either choose to be yourself, or a complete alter-ego.

In the masquerade you're represented by an image with a mask. They integrated a system where they take your own photo that you upload, and you choose a mask from the site to place upon your photo.

You can change the scale, rotation, and if the mask should be facing the left, right or center. Basically whatever suits the photo of you best.
If you want to be very incognito, there are even full faced masks that cover your entire identity.

You also choose a family. Each family is represented by a sin (in Venice everything is driven by the "Great Sin" or Fortuna). It's kinda like choosing a race in World of Warcraft. Each family that you can choose is one of the "Ruling Families in Venice".
The Giovanni Family is represented by the sin of Pride.
The Casanova Family is represented by the sin of Lust.
The Medici Family is represented by the sin of Greed.
The Vivaldi Family is represented by the sin of Sloth.
The Cortesi Family is represented by the sin of Gluttony.
The Dalle Rosa Family is represented by the sin Envy.
and The Contasntini Family is represented by the sin of Wrath.

Once inside the Masquerade there is so much to do and see. You can update your profile with more images and videos, talk to the entertainers, add your own bit of Venican Lore in the Library, or join on of the VIP clubs where you can video chat with up to 5 different people. The VIP clubs are called Inferno and Paradiso. Inferno leans towards the more Lusty side of sins, and Pardiso focus' more on Romance and issues of the Heart.

But the easiest way to experience the Venice Chronicles is to check it out yourself. VeniceChronicles.com. Hope to see you guys there!
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