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Favorite NPCs?

Another query designed to fill in the dull spaces of my fruitless work day.

Who was/is your favorite NPC, either one you created as GM, or encountered as a player? A little blurb about setting and what made the character unique is encouraged.

1. Thelius Derivor something something Brimblefarthing Krendenstal, halfling thief, AD&D1/2E, with a Ring of Jumping and an intelligent short sword named Ogg that he constantly talked to (and which never talked back). Shamelessly inspired by Tasslehoff. Hasslehoff. OH MY GOD I JUST GOT THAT. "Brambles" as he was known, was gender indeterminate, and there was a disparity of opinion on whether he was a male halfling or female human child. Or some variation thereof. During one combat, he used his ring to jump over/past the front line of fighters muscling their way into a room; flubbed his landing roll, knocked over an enemy sergeant in the back of the room, and rolled under a bunk. We called it, bowling for bad guys.

2. Garen, a specialty priestess of Pelor, human female, AD&D1/2E (same campaign). Modeled after other specialty priests from the 1st ed Greyhawk world box set, she gave me an opportunity to flex my creative muscles long before I'd ever heard of a prestige class.

3. Bob Smith, human rogue/insurgent spy, D&D 3.5. His inception came about during a session played entirely by the seat of my pants after the party discarded two options I'd presented and decided to fabricate a third. They basically wanted to hire a ship in an occupied city rather than travel overland, and it went something like this:

Rogue, who was from said city, but whose connections we'd never explored: "Do I know anyone who could hook us up with a captain willing to transport us without asking too many questions?"

Me, silently deciding on a Gather Info check: "Uhhhh, gimme a D20 roll..."

Rogue: "18."

Me, quoting from the TV show Becker: "Okay, you know a guy. 'Bob knows a guy!'"

Rogue: "His name is Bob?"

Me, making stuff up on the spot: "Sure, why not. He has a smithy in the lower section of the city, through which he moves some contraband, and he has connections in the docks district."

Monk's player: "So this guy's name is, literaly, Bob Smith??"
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