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Another DnD question for the DnD masters around here...

Another question about how this would work:
Heirophant Prestige class ability:
Spell-Like Ability: A hierophant who selects this special ability can use one of his divine spell slots to permanently prepare one of his divine spells as a spell-like ability that can be used twice per day. The hierophant does not use any components when casting the spell, although a spell that costs XP to cast still does so, and a spell with a costly material component instead costs him 10 times that amount in XP. The spell normally uses a spell slot of the spell’s level (or higher, if the hierophant chooses to permanently attach a metamagic feat to the spell chosen). The hierophant can use an available higher-level spell slot to use the spell-like ability more than once perday. Allocating a slot three levels higher allows him to cast the spell four times per day, and a slot six levels higher lets him cast it six times per day. For example, Lonafin the hierophant wants to be able to create undead whenever he has the opportunity,so he permanently uses a 9th-level spell slot to get animate dead as a spell-like ability usable six times per day. If selected more than one time as a special ability, this ability can apply to the same spell (increasing the number of times per day it can be used) or to a different spell.

So how does this work with Divine Metamagic...? Can the turn attempts be used to apply a Metamagic feat to it? If it can does the Cleric loose the turn attempts permanently? Or do they refresh like normal?

Anyone know?


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