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Change of Direction

I have been playing various roleplaying games for around ten years now. Now during that time my characters have ranged from drunk mechwarrior pilots to kenders to goblins to malkavian vampires. In short anything rather silly (and when chance allows evil). I have played these to great effect since my sense of humour seems to pass well into roleplay games.

But last week I made the decision to try something new. My friend has started what is effectively dungeons of dragons, but in the real world and set in America (I am English myself). So instead of playing the goblin or halfing, I chose to play a Scottish Dwarf Mechanic (who never wears red shirts) and basically decided to take the character over the top. And it was the most fun I have had in a long time.

My character watched as he tripped over some goblin thieves, and then laughed as his future group member also tripped over. He was hired to kill someone, but managed to persuade the victim to give him a cheque him to kill the other guy (when the victim had initially threatened him he had put his fingers in the shortgun barrel... something none of my other characters would have done), but then killed him anyway. He fixed a tank and then tested it on the side of the building. He even chose to go to the bank grand theft auto style to deposit his reward even though he needed medical attention. And he was very drunk most of the time.

Have you ever changed the kind of the character you normally played and found it really great fun?

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