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Story Patterns

I'm interested in hearing about the basic building blocks for good stories in rpg campaigns. These building blocks are the "Story Patterns" that are used/re-used throughout game play. I'd like to keep the definition of "Story Pattern" loose and see what arises. I wouldn't mind discovering or being educated to a semi-formal system for analyzing Story Pattern.

I'd guess that the most common Pattern we draw from is the "Hero's story" (J.Campbell and so on). One of the big differences is that as roleplayers, we tend to play the pattern 'band of heroes'.

Of course, there are a number of relevant categories to SPs: Patterns of Place (The mysterious tower, the kingdom falling apart), Patterns of People (Archetypes?) and overall Plot Patterns.

What story patterns do you use/recognize from your own games?

Are there resources for Story Patterns in gaming that you are aware of/draw from?

Does anyone know of a good RP wiki where we could begin to catalog, associate and analyze these patterns for Role Playing?
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