K'rrayn (krrayn) wrote in roleplayers,

Hit Points

This open query is primarily directed toward those with experience with the D20 hit point system (positive or negative), though any other game system that uses damage point tracking can be applicable.

1. What do you not like about hit point systems?1

2.a. What published alternate rules for combat/damage do you like, and why? Corrollary: How difficult do you find it to adopt said alternate rules to existing material?

2.b. What home-brew alternate rules?

3. Of either of the above, what have you actually used in play that has worked well, in terms of player and GM satisfaction, playability vs. realism, etc?

4. In what genres/settings do you find certain combat/damage systems more or less applicable?

1I invite readers to comment on why they like hit point systems if they wish; if there's some value to them beyond abstraction and playability, I'm interested to hear it.
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