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Saga Star Wars Mechanics

Took a very brief peek at the Saga System, mostly because the guy running the store mentioned it is a lead-in to 4E D&D (which is due next year, so I'm told).

1)  They have removed AC.  Attacks are made against the target's Reflex Save.
2)  Hit Points for 1st Level is (significant number) plus Con Bonus.  (If I remember, one Class had 14, the other had 20-something + Con Bonus).
3)  Classes don't have Save Charts, they do have Base Attack Bonus plus the advantages for each Level.  I didn't see any 'Dead Levels'.
4)  Feats that give Attack or Defence options are listed with your Attack/Saving Throws (which were called Defences, I think...) as a reminder of what you can do.
5)  Hit Points have a 'Threshold', (124 HP, Threshold 33 for Yoda, I think).  I have no idea what a Threshold is.
6)  Every four levels you increase two Attributes, not one.

I remind, this was just a preliminary check.

My thoughts:
I like the fact they removed AC.  I've been considering doing an RPG setting using a seriously modified d20, and one of the first ideas I had was to make Saving Throws a static number, and have the opponent make a DC check against the Saving Throw.  Making AC into a Reflex Save actually makes a lot of sense, and then armour can modify damage.

I'm of mixed feelings about Dead Levels.  Put too much into a character class, and you get bogged down.  Put in not enough, people will take something else.

I like the 'lump HP' at first level.  Gives a nice buffer.

Overall, my take on this is 'interesting', but there was also, I feel, entirely too much on miniature rules in the rulebook.
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