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Star Wars - Saga Edition

Looking for advice and others impressions on this. Please note the disclaimers at the bottom!

I got my SAGA Edition copy yesterday. I currently run a Star Wars game set in the Rebellion using D20 revised. I am not happy with the system currently; especially the fragile nature of PCs, the overpowered nature of Jedi in any form (combat balance in general), and the Starships/Vehicles system as a whole. From what I see so far, SAGA edition seems to really fix most of my issues with some intriguing, easy to use and fast-paced action.

-What, if any, problems or concerns have you found with the SAGA rules?
-Does anything look really good OR bad?
-Do you think it would be worth moving from D20 Rev. to SAGA, even if I had to scrap my game and restart it?

I am a DM who likes to work "off the cuff" for most of the game. I write outlines and fill in the gaps as reactions to the players. I will change details and specifics as needed (once the players know them, then it's more or less fixed...) I am a fan of less cumbersome rule sets.
Currently, my game has been suffering due to unity issues.

A majority of that was my failing as a GM, but the bottom line is that the Group Template is non-existent and I'm having tons of difficulty doing anything exciting for fear of having multiple TPKs. Some of that has to do with weird rolling luck of some people - to wit: we were using the alternate "roll a 1 and your blaster's power pack is empty" rule. However, after one combat where over 10 packs shorted between only four players, we decided to just not bother. That was the most in one combat, but certainly not out of the ordinary.

I do not care about the age-old debate between D6 and D20. Please do not even bother to bring it up here. Responses like "the problem with it is that it's not D6!" is not only unhelpful, but it's pointless bickering at this point. Please keep this to constructive criticism and feedback/discussion of the pros and cons of SAGA ed. on its own or in relation to D20 Revised. Thank you!

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